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I got PR-mail today. I don’t usually get PR-mail. You’re supposed to get annoyed with it, right?

Meh, conventionalism is for suckers anyway, I read it. It had the haze of “automated ‘personalised’ newsletter” around it, but hey. I’m a small indie blogger, if I get music-related mail and my name is in it, I’m positively chuffed.

What? Oh right, The actual music.

Roxy Rawson is in that particular niche of music that emerged along with Florence And The Machine and Regina Spektor. Has anyone come up with a snappy name for that yet? Girlternative? damn this is hard, why isn’t the NME doing it’s fucking job.

In my opnion, Roxy comes dangerously close to making that list and redefining the little corner of indie music these women have carved out. It’s a little more “out there” than the established values, some weird, but definitely not bad-sounding violins in Fingers, the track I was succesfully marketed into listening to. I could, with ease, see this played on the summer-festivals, to thousands of people cheering upon hearing the opening notes. Some… interesting choices, production-wise, but that only works to keep the sound fresh, and not something we’ve heard before. It’s seeing pictures of your parents when they were younger. Familiar, yet different. but most of all just really fun.

Roxy Rawson Fingers Radio (SD Master)01 by jrjenrobertscouk

The single is out on Bandcamp and the lady can be found on Twitter

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